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UNHCR: Inclusion of Refugees in the Global Cosmetics Value Chain

            28 Mar 2018          

Asili Natural Oils is a Rwandan company aiming to become East Africa’s leading exporter of cold pressed speciality vegetable seed oils. Asili, meaning “from the source” in Swahili, currently produces four such oils from the seeds of chia, passion flower, wild African calabash and moringa. The oils are then exported to wholesale clients in the global cosmetics and personal care industry, primarily in Europe and North America.

Moringa (the “miracle tree” owing to its hardiness, ability to thrive in poor soils, resistance to drought, and ability to inter-crop once it is established, thus allowing farmers to continue with their normal activities) is Asili’s most important product. Asili works with local co-operatives and farmer’s associations (who gather together about 1,500 farmers across Rwanda), but also manages two company-owned farms.

One of these is located at Mahama Sector in Kirehe District in the South East of the country and was purchased by Asili at approximately the same time that UNHCR and MIDIMAR initiated operations for the Mahama Refugee Camp. Mahama has now grown to approximately 60,000 refugees.

From the day Asili started work on its plantation it has employed refugees from the camp. Today Asili continues daily to employ between 75 and 200 people (depending on the time of year and needs of the farm) from the camp as labourers (working on the weeding, composting, pruning, watering, harvesting and so on). In addition, Asili has a number of full time employees from the camp on its staff.

“Having this [Asili] job has considerably changed my living standards. Differently to other refugees in the camp, I am able to change meals and buy clothes. I was single, but this job helped me marry, now I have a wife and a child; and thanks to the job, I afford clothes and meals for myself, my wife and my baby. I don’t look/feel like a refugee,” said Claver Nzoyihaya, a Burundian Refugee employed as full-time guard at Mahama plantation.

Konzerne (u.a.: Bayer/Monsanto/BASF)als Retter   oder wie man Flüchtlinge produziert

This is what it means to be a refugee in Kenya

For the last three decades, Kenya has welcomed and hosted refugees and asylum seekers from Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda and South Sudan.
Five refugees living in Kenya talk about what pushed them out of their countries and put into perspective what being a refugee really means......

South Sudan, Syria and Afghanistan contribute 55 per cent of the world’s total refugee population.

Uganda’s refugee hospitality is exemplary

Kenya, election oct 17: govt forbidden demonstrations - more than 46 people killed by police

37 pages report human wright watch "kill these criminals"

Police killed 50 plus X  mainly youth protesters in the "informal settlements" - Armutsghettos: Korigocho,Dandora,Sowjeto,BabaDoga,Manthare,Kibera,Kawangware and Eastlands with many Somalian Refugees .....(entstanden auch durch die Zerstörung landwirtschaftlicher Existenzgrundlagen durch "Freihandel" und "EPAS" DürrekaKlimatastrofen wegen ... und Niederkonkurrieren kleiner Handwerks-,Metall-, Schreinerei-Betriebe, KleinhändlerInnen, Kaffee,Tee-,Milch- und HühnerBauerInnen ... durch Billigimporte)

Der Bericht „Dying to reach Europe: Eritreans in Search of Safety“ zum Download: www.aerzte-ohne-grenzen.at/publikationen

Kibera,Korogocho,Soweto,Dadaab  ...............

"...Im Flüchtlingslager leben mehr als 100.000 Kinder zwischen 5 und 13  Jahren.

Nur ein Teil hat die Möglichkeit im Camp zur Schule zu gehen...."

Talkrunde mit Khalid und Amman aus Eritrea, die beide im landkreis Rostock, genauer gesagt, in Güstrow leben. sie engagieren sich in selbstorganisierten Flüchtlingsprotesten für ihre Rechte. (zweisprachig: engl-dt)

4. November 2017 - erschienen in Rubrik [ Internationales » Kenia » Arbeitskämpfe » Streiks in Kenias Gesundheitswesen ab Dezember 2016 ]

Nach 5 Monaten Streik: Abkommen der Krankenschwesterngewerkschaft beendet Kenias größten Arbeitskampf


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Am Eingang Gedenkstätte für die kenianischen Opfer, die in der britischen Armee gekämpft für die militärische Niederschlagung des deutschen Faschismus

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